Worldwide Transformation Program

Spread across 2 years, this program consists of 25 life-changing sessions for step by step progression on the journey of Transformation. The program is a reflective, experiential and a meditative journey to connect with the inner power. This Transformation occurs far beyond the deeper states of consciousness, uncharted and untapped layers of our soul. Today, the challenging external disturbances, demand an internal shift in our mindset, perspective and approach towards life.

Experiencing ‘Transformation’ is similar to being released of mental blocks, traumas, conditionality and ignorance. You start tasting true happiness, true love and true peace within. A new life awaits you!


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What Is Transformation?

Unlock Spiritual Wisdom, Transform Yourself

Worldwide Transformation Program


Benefit 1

Precise Decision-Making Ability

Benefit 2

Strengthen Your Goals

Benefit 3

End Internal Struggle, Worrisome Mind To Happy Mind

Benefit 4

Increased Awareness About Self And Surroundings

Benefit 5

Harmony With Nature

Benefit 6

One To Many, Many To One; Social Transformation Leading To Global Transformation

Worldwide Transformation Program

A Social Initiative To Uplift Human Consciousness

Maitreya Dadashreeji

A Transformation Pioneer, Social Reformer and Global Humanitarian from India, Maitreya Dadashreeji is the founder, guide of The MaitriBodh Parivaar. Rendering selfless, social and spiritual service to humankind, He has successfully integrated spirituality into modern concepts that offer practical applications for holistic growth in one’s daily life. Transforming souls, removing boundaries, bonding humanity and uniting nations, He has guided many individuals, humanists, youth and atheists walk the path of Love and Selfless Service for establishing His vision of 'One World, One Family, One Truth.'

The current time has changed the world we live in. Our lifestyles, habits, relationships are experiencing a shift. The economy is taking a severe blow and uncertainty of the future has brought words like fear, depression, suicide, crisis, chaos etc. to the surface. At times like these Inner-Transformation can bring about a shift in physical, emotional and mental well-being by aligning the thought pattern and helping humanity cope with the current crisis heads-on. Beginning with an individual, this project envisions a Global Transformation improving the quality of life, for all.

The current time is asking for a positive shift. Let's Transform!