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Spiritual Triangle The Spiritual Triangle is a guide for every seeker and aims to make spirituality practical and applicable to day-to-day life. It provides the perfect launching pad for the beginning of one’s spiritual journey by relating it to issues and challenges facing us in daily living. It is a beginner’s guide to spirituality, to making life wholistic and fulfilling.

If the following questions pique your interest then the Spiritual Triangle is a program custom-made for you!

With humanity getting prepared to undergo transformation essential to harmonize ourselves with our true nature, WHAT is it that can make this process easier so that we flow with the Divine in current times? HOW can one experience a deep change within to accept everything as it is naturally and experience true happiness? Is there someone WHO can hold the hand of humanity as a TRUE FRIEND and guide them on their individual and unique journey to move ahead positively amidst the external turmoil?

Spiritual Triangle is an answer to all this and will enable You to Understand Yourself, Karmas and your bond with the Divine. Join this transformation series to learn key aspects about yourself, the importance of taking the right actions and your bond with the Divine.

This profound yet simple experiential workshop spans over three weeks with teachings, processes and much more. A journey in itself, each week will bring in one session of 2½ hours and some exciting homework to do till the next session!

The ShaktiPravaah energy that you will receive at the end of each session will be commensurate with the level of Bodh that you have done. However, it will be of greater intensity and will penetrate deeper into the consciousness to take you ahead on the path of Spiritual Transformation.

There will be a complimentary 4th session to clarify all the doubts and answer all the questions in the path of your spiritual journey, for those who participate in all 3 sessions.

So friends, let's become students of life and get ready to learn and flow with the wisdom inherent in the Spiritual Triangle.

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SWA-GYAAN True Knowledge

True Knowledge  

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True Actions  


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Advanced Spiritual Triangle

Advanced Spiritual Triangle