maitribodh parivaar

Stepping Into A New Era

Namaste. Love and blessings!

Let there be peace and happiness for you and your family. Keep moving towards the Divine. Our guidance will be always there to show you the right direction. Many of you asked us “Why so much about transformation? Why there is the need for the transformation or why are you talking so much about transformation? What is the significance of this time current time? Why do we talk about Divine Age, New Age?” So today we felt that we must talk about it, what is it about? At least we will give you basic clarity about it. In brief just try to understand what is it? We’ll need your attention for a while. Once you understand it well then it will be really easy for you to give direction to your life.

World is changing. Time is changing. You are changing, because world is changing. Our planet is changing. And why is it changing because the Universe wants it to happen. There is something happening in the universe which is making everything to change. Everything in the Universe is in motion. Nothing is stationary. All the stars, planets keep moving all the time. The Sun of our solar system, revolves around the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy. Same way, all the existing galaxies orbit around the centre of the universe. Now this centre is known as the ‘root point’ of the universe (Mool Bindu), which is not precisely located in the centre of the universe, but what it does, this root point, all the time, incessantly radiates cosmic rays of Love, Peace, Truth and Freedom. We see this ‘root point’ as the ‘Eye of the Divine – the Eye of the Universe.’

If the planet or any star is located exactly in front of this point, the ‘Eye of the Universe’ then directly receive these cosmic rays and experience all these qualities.

So what will happen if you are not at that location where you receive the maximum energies? It will be the exactly opposite of Truth, Love, Peace. The energies and nature of that planet will fall and function at the lower dimensional level. Automatically the planet will encounter ignorance, hatred, division, violence and so many things. All those negative elements will influence that planet.

So why are we talking about this at this period? What is so significant about it? The reason is, our planet Earth is slowly moving towards that direction wherein it’s going to receive maximum cosmic energies from the ‘Eye of the Universe.’ The planet will experience Truth and Love. You will experience Truth and Love. It’s a process. It’s a phenomenon that all of you are going to witness. It occurs in every 14,000 years, and very soon many of you are going to witness it. One of the significant feature one can observe here is ‘changes in the electromagnetic field of the Earth.’ It is very sensitive to any shift to any change that happens in the universe. It will fluctuate on and off. You will notice variations and it will intensify with time. Now one may say that how is it possible, the Creator the Divine is omnipotent omnipresent? How can one be away from the Grace of the Divine? So I would like to help you by giving an example here. If I ask you” where is the Sun?” It’s so natural you will point your fingers, up there in the sky “here it is”. So I would say “Yes, you are right- but you are right in the daytime.” If I ask you the same question in the night “Where is the sun somewhere in the sky, it’s not here”. Then you may say “through moonlight we can feel the presence of the Sun”. But again there is no Sun. Same way the ‘Eye of the Universe’ functions. Its there, but you are not experiencing the energies of the ‘Eye’, however you may receive these energies through some other means, just as a reflection. But to experience it, in its purest form you have to go and sit next to the ‘Eye of the Universe’ and receive maximum cosmic energies. Then you know the difference between the daytime and the night time. And that day is going to come. You may say no to it but only proof for you is this current time.

You would see slowly gradually all of us are going to move towards it. So in one way it’s a good thing that we are moving towards something which is very divine, very positive, filled with love and peace everywhere.

So while this is happening the ‘Divine Purpose’ is to help you, to assist you, to pass through this phase. And the ‘Divine Purpose’ is divided into four arms, or one can say into four categories and these are

1) Transformation
2) Dissolution
3) Liberation
4) And last Establishment

This is how ‘Divine Purpose’ is going to execute itself. So Transformation is that first phase all of us are witnessing. So we are focussing only on this phase as of now. Only on Transformation. In this phase human consciousness strives to connect reconnect with the ‘Universal Self.’ You connect with your true identity and elevated awareness along with changed perceptions will enable you to function at a higher dimensional level. Your body mind will automatically be synching with nature. It’s a divine experience of peace and love. So just flow through this phase. That’s the first one.

Second is Dissolution. In dissolution as the name suggests, what will happen, anything that is false, fake will cease to exist. Untruth will be replaced by Truth. You will see there won’t be any negative influences but people will be inclined more towards positive things. In this phase you will witness the end of all those negative elements to a certain level.

With this we move to the next phase and that is the Liberation. You get free from the pain that you had since long. You naturally get disconnected detached from the past. Some of you may have minimal impressions from the past for constructive growth but overall you will operate freely with no more connection with the past. You will be in the present moment fully aware of this moment - and you’ll give your best. This will also happen naturally. When you reach to this phase you will experience it automatically without doing any effort for it. Nature would enable you to experience this. With your effort its not going to happen. It will happen on its own. And once you are liberated from all kinds of pain we move towards the next phase that is the Establishment. Here Truth and Divine Order will be established.

Nature will support anything that is positive. It will promote growth of the Divine. This phase will continue for next 200 years. Whenever we complete first three phases, the fourth one ‘Establishment’ will be there for 200 years. So what we have to do in this is allow ourself to flow through this first phase of ‘Transformation’. Without doing much from your side. Just say ‘yes’ and flow through it. You need to connect with your Divine, connect with your Masters. They will guide you. But flow through this first phase of ‘Transformation’.

There are three qualities in this first phase, which is going to cause that ‘shift’ within each one of you. And these qualities are Truth, Righteousness, and Justice.
Right now Truth and Righteousness are with everyone those who are alive on this planet, influencing your consciousness, penetrating layers by layers within you and shifting your consciousness. Once Truth and Righteousness are established within you Justice will take its own time. It will come into picture and things will be aligned. Things will be shown direction towards the betterment. In this first phase of ‘Transformation’ you will notice Society will be divided into two communities. Community A and Community B. Wherein Community A represents Love and Community B represents Fear.

Community A will have constructive approach towards Life, Nature, wherein Community B will have disruptive approach towards people to Nature. So it’s up to you to decide. What do you represent Community A or Community B? You may say I don’t want to be part of any of these categories or communities but situations will compel you to choose one of it, and you have to follow one. Either Community A or Community B. And this process started from 2013 onwards and you have to make your choice. We represent Community A. Love is our energy. Divine Love is going to transform everything that you see around. We urge that all of you understand the importance of current time and allow oneself to evolve. Do not resist the change. Do not resist the Transformation; but flow with it. Cultivate positive values, spiritual values. Experience Love, spread Love. Just keep doing it. Spread it everywhere. Soon you will witness better world. A new world. A ‘New Age’.

So get prepared for it. Start working for it. During this phase, I’m there with you. To show you that path. I’m there with you to guide you further. And together we can help everyone. Together we can transform this world. And soon we will establish a New World. So get ready for this.

My love, my support will always be there for you.
Thank you so much. The Divine Light will guide you further.

Maitreya Dadashreeji