“The simplest act of service brings profound transformation in your life. Through seva, not just you but society itself is transformed.

You free yourself from all bindings. Your consciousness is cleansed and purified within. Divine Grace is showered on you abundantly.”

Maitreya Dadashreeji

Earth Embrace<br>Walk for Mother Earth

Earth Embrace

a WAVE of change

The most imminent threat to humanity today is Climate Change. With the relentless use and misuse of natural resources to support our needs over the years and increasing carbon footprint, our planet suffers and today it is at the tipping point.

It has now become imperative that world-wide efforts are made to bring about a change.
MaitriBodh Parivaar, recognizing this need, has launched its global campaign against Climate Change called ‘EARTH EMBRACE’.

W – Wellness | A – Awareness | V – Value | E – Earth

It emphasizes how Mother Earth is a living consciousness and how She needs to be protected. At the core of this initiative is the appreciation of Unconditional Love that She has for Her creation. Connecting with Her, is connecting to the Creation and thereby the Creator. This bond shall help bring awareness to a being about their actions.
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Selfless Service

YGPT - Youth for Global Peace & Transformation

Empowering Youth, Rediscovering Harmony

Youth For Global Peace and Transformation (YGPT) is a youth initiative which was started in the year 2013 with a vision to transform the youth by engaging, empowering and harnessing their full potential, as a catalyst of change, to create a united, loving and peaceful world. Youth is a powerhouse of vital energy, which if channelled properly, can create a massive impact on the world. They are also the future of the world, who will play an important role in shaping how we live and perceive the world around us.

Grounded in our commitment to Peace and Transformation, our mission aims to connect and mobilize youth globally through our impactful projects such as Youth Development Workshops, Community Welfare Activities and Green Initiatives with Earth Embrace.
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I Listen U

Express Yourself

I Listen U provides a platform for the safe expression of one’s pain or just stories of the heart.

Our team of listeners are specially trained through an extensive program using various skill-building and emotional intelligence exercises to expand their inner space and serve as a true mirror of self-reflection to the person speaking to them. When one is in the presence of any of our listeners, they will automatically start feeling safe and calm, finding it very easy to express all that one is feeling.

Apart from this, expressing oneself to someone can help one gain the clarity of thoughts that one needs for a situation one is trying to solve in their life. Talking to our listeners will feel like putting up all the facts on a whiteboard where one will be able to clearly see the connections and join the dots for the way forward! At I Listen U, we strongly feel for all those who may be going through unpleasant experiences in their lives. A lot of times, we find it difficult to express how we are feeling, even to our near and dear ones. In this situation, simply pouring our heart out to a stranger, who’s only there to listen to you, can help immensely.