Vision, Mission & Values


To establish love in everyone’s heart through human transformation with the help of true knowledge and divine intervention to attain One World, One Community and One Truth.


Uplift human consciousness to a higher state where love, peace and harmony will be the governing forces that will ensure the individual’s transition to inner peace, through our unique paths:

  • Bodh Kriya: A process of self realization and transformation; experiencing life in true sense, involving transfer of energies through Knowledge, Sadhana and Bond of Love.
  • Life Sutras: Simplified teachings meant to achieve excellence in life through higher level of understanding.
  • Selfless Service: Service to humanity without expectations.


  • True Knowledge – Atma Bodh
  • Right Conduct – Satya Karma
  • Selfless Service – Seva
  • Bond with Divine– Sambandh
  • Unconditional Love – Prem
  • Friendship – Maitri
  • One Family – Ek Parivaar