Guiding Light Dadashreeji Testimonials from diverse facets of Life

Smita Jaykar A Genuine Guide for Today’s Times I clearly remember my first meeting with Dadashreeji, where in HIS Simplicity and humbleness touched me to the core. A well qualified medical doctor who himself is married and settled with family, and yet so spiritually elevated, guiding thousands of people from various walks of life, provides an authenticity to the whole spiritual dimension of Life. So patient, approachable and clear, HE is a genuine guide and a friend who Humanity is in need of to deal with the complexity of today’s times. During HIS interactive sessions in the 2 Day Process he was not at all over powering or dominant about HIS teachings. Rather, very gently he answered all questions and simultaneously inculcated new insights for igniting an awakening with in all. The most beautiful experience of being with Dadashreeji is that neither he asks anyone to follow HIM, nor he fills one with the complexities of new tools and techniques. He just empties us and connects us to the source of divinity and peace within. Also, what left a profound impact on me was that mystical or miraculous experience is not important for inner growth, what is important is that are you a transformed human being from within, one who is natural, offering his or her life in service to all around. I offer my sincere gratitude to Dadashreeji, for providing me a newfound inner clarity that was missing for so many years. Smita Jaykar, Film and Television Artist, Mumbai, India
Inner Clarity and New Found Reassurance! It was in the one-on-one session, on the first day, that I could ask Dadashreeji freely about my spiritual path and need to grow more. From whatever He saw in me, He said only one thing “think Krishna as your friend, feel and spread love, and that Dadashreeji, Babbage and Krishna are but ONE and the same reality”. This I understood in principle, but I had my doubts how I would be able to practically befriend Krishna and many other things. Dadashreeji said only one thing before you leave from here; you will have Krishna as your friend. The next day, I had completely forgotten about all this, but hearing the morning session on the eventual purpose of human life to reach the SOURCE through LOVE, not by running away from the world, but by being in the world and spreading this knowledge and love selflessly in society (which so well fit in to years of my Guru’s teaching) had really invigorated and charged me up. And, in the last session–after the shaktipravah (where Dadashreeji transferred his divine energy in each one of us), I had a Vision, where in I first saw some deities, then my Guru, my parents, a friend, but there was no sign of Krishna. In between I had to lie down cause of the immense energy generated, which distracted me and then again the same Vision started like a movie flash, but no site of Krishna. And then alas I saw something so distinct that makes my hair stand on its end evennow. It was Dadashreeji in the form of Lord Krishna. I thought am hallucinating (being an intellectual & doctor), but that VISION kept coming again and again. I failed to clearly understand what I saw, but developed immense peace and FEELING OF LOVE, which no words can describe. Much later it sunk in me that “I now have got DADASHREE in the form of KRISHNA as my eternal friend and guide” I just can’t help but bow down to HIM for giving me this vision and hope to have His grace and love, so that I can develop that strength and LOVE to give it to others, which will help me grow, as well as fulfill his mission. Dr. Santosh Gupta, MD, Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai, India
Mohan Jayakar An Endearing Experience: My introduction to Dadashreeji was through the most publicized article. Seated on a simple couch, without the trappings of materialistic embellishments Dadashreeji was that friend next door, whose presence you were always aware of but had not really met up and exchanged views. A persona that emits the perfect balance of male and female energies, he gently provided the answers to my most complicated questions with utmost simplicity with endearing in sights in to my psyche. Mohan Jayakar – Advocate and Solicitor, Supreme Court of India
Sameer Patker Well in the last couple of years my personality, way of thinking and being sensitive to others and those who are weaker than me have been ingrained in my DNA by Dada and nobody else. The Values of being humble, grateful and loving is what I define Dada as and I continue to strive to be like him in any small way I can. Yes along with this comes pain as well but this only toughens us and teaches usmlessons in life. There is nothing more to it than that is what I believe. It’s been over two years now with Dada and all I can say to him is “I am glad you allowed me to find you in this life”! Sameer Patker – VP – Sales & Trading Institutional Equities
Dr. Roopa Rani A Divine Guide and Protector: I have always been a devotee of Lord Krishna and yearned to experience him in my daily life. When I met Dadashreeji, my yearning was fulfilled as HE gave me a living experience of being with Lord Krishna. Also I have been having some health problems like feeling of claustrophobia during travelling in buses and cars. But ever since I have undergone the spiritual retreat with Dadashreeji, he has been guiding and helping me at all times. I now travel fearlessly as I know my Guide and Protector are taking care of me all the times. I am extremely happy to say that I met Sri Dadashreeji and HE truly is a transforming presence. The two day program conducted at Peace Service Center in Karjat is wonderful and beautiful. Dr Roopa Rani, Principal Investigator, DST Women Scientist Scheme, Coimbatore, India
Dr. Shailendra Maheshwari A Discovery to a whole new path to a Wonderful Life It all started after reading an article on Dadashreeji. I had this inner calling and urge to meet him and finally had the life transforming meeting in Jan 2013 during 2 Day Program at Peace Service Center at Karjat. I had so many questions about life, relationships, god, religion and rituals, spirituality in worldly life, medical related queries (since Dadashreeji is also himself a doctor) however never found assuring answers. During the 2 day process, all my questions dissolved and I felt free as a bird. I asked the maximum number of questions which were answered effortlessly by HIM. Ever since it’s been a life transforming experience not just for me, but my entire family, where we now feel life is beautiful, loving and wonderful. In Dadashreeji’s presence I felt a whole new start of my life journey and path to light, love and truth. Next month I was blessed with the opportunity of offering my services at the Peace Service Center. For the first time I experienced what selfless service and love means and my heart was filled with joy, peace, compassion and gratitude which can never be described inwords. The same feeling is translating in to my everyday life and I know it will be still more wonderful by HIS GRACE. Dr Shailendra Maheshwari, MBBS, DNB, DMRD, Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai, India
Mala Chopra An Enlightening and Lightening Experience- My meeting with Dadashreeji during the 2-day spiritual process was in deed a beautiful experience both an enlightening and lightening one. Enlightening because it broke away so many false notions and fears of “How one needs to be or live his or her life”, and lightening because it became clear that it is so simple to lead a wholesome life… just be simple and natural, true to your inner self, in total surrender to higher self. My biggest learning was to take pain as your friend as that is what brings you closer to the source from where we have come and staying closer to the source is the only way to find bliss that we all are wanting and waiting for throughout our life. I now experience situations in life from a clear perspective. Thank you Dadashreeji for your Grace and Blessings. Mala Chopra, New Delhi, India
Blessing Hand in My Life I would start by saying that I am blessed that I got a chance to meet and be guided by„ Dadashreeji. I have supreme respect, regard and faith in him. For me Dadashreeji today, is like an angel that God has sent to guide me, protect me and watch over me. Dadashreeji is like a friend for me… who is not bound by any religious boundaries, he doesn’t preach, he doesn’t judge…. He just listens to you and accepts you for what you are. Somehow whenever I have spoken to Dadashreeji, it has given me a direction. His words and his guidance is like a protecting force for me. I have been through the roughest of spots in my life and his words have lifted me up. He will not always say what you want to hear… but what he says will create an insight in you to introspect yourself more deeply and as a result of that my actions change. He will take you closer to the truth that you have been running away from and when it comes from Dadashreeji it gives the courage to with stand that truth, no matter how hard it is. Dadashreeji has a great connect with divinity, and being connected with him has given me the feeling of being around divinity. My biggest learning from Dadashreeji has been related to character and integrity. He has always advised me to take the path that will make me move ahead in life keeping my strength of character intact. When Dadashreeji senses a problem in me and says he will work on me through prayers and cleanse me, I completely feel secure and know in my self that he will take care of me. I feel blessed, so blessed that I can reach out to him as a true guide and protector. Shefali, Finance Professional in a Leading MNC in New Delhi, India
I could not call myself an atheist since I believed there was some higher power but at the same time had not found my connection then. There were many questions about ’god ‘, ‘religion’, ‘rituals’ that hounded me. They grew by the day… so intense was this urge to know that I stopped worshipping the deities and performing rituals since I could not relate to them. In desperation tears, would flow ceaselessly seeking for guidance. I wanted to know the purpose of my life… my existence… there had to be something more to mundane world. Despite of having everything (a lovely family, loving children…) there was a great void, something was missing. With tears flowing my only prayer would be that if something higher existed it had to reveal itself and guide me. Then one fine day (dec 2012) my brother-in-law called, telling me about a guru/master called ‘Dadashree ji’ in Karjat who conducted spiritual sessions called ‘Bodh’. I shuddered at the thought of going to a ‘guru’. How could someone (a human in flesh and blood) just like me guide everybody (ignorance at its best)? None in our family or past generations had ever had guru’s. So, after much deliberation, gathered some courage and went with an open mind to seek answers. At the ashram, the participants were told to write queries on a notepad, which I had in plenty. My questions ran into pages as I jotted them down (wanted no question to be left unanswered). As the session was about to begin an unassuming, young, simple, down to earth man entered the ashram Dhyaankshetra. He was Dadashreeji. He was bombarded with all sorts of questions during the session. I had my share of questions too, but the best part was that all my questions were answered without asking! Not once did I have to ask. Dadashreeji’s words, “You do not have to follow me, I am here to answer your queries and connect you to your divinity”, were intermittently playing within (who on earth says something like this, that too in this era!). Amidst all this, felt like I was home, felt profound peace descend my being. It was a two-day session, soon the time to leave came but I did not feel like leaving the place, as if that was where I belonged. I believe, I had found my connection! Life continued like it was, but my entire perspective of looking at things had changed. There was no chatter within, total peace, everything was still. Felt like being in a different world, a different awareness. My entire being was overflowing with love and happiness, there was nothing but a constant smile and love for one and all, total bliss. Felt like running down the street hugging one and all (was not a great hugger earlier). The feeling and realization of oneness had set in and was literally experiencing it, so much so that was feeling one with a blade of grass too. It was nothing short of a spiritual awakening! It is rightly said that, ‘ When the disciple is ready the master appears!’ God manifests in the form of a guru/master to erase our ignorance. For me it is ‘Dada’! Now I know why I couldn’t connect with any other form of divinity earlier. Dadashreeji has been constantly guiding me. He is an epitome of Love! The journey of experiences and learnings continues, there is much to learn at every step and he is teaching us how to live life giving the strength, acceptance, patience and tolerance to sail through it with grace and making it meaningful! Can’t thank Dadashreeji enough for being here in this era for the entire humanity! Varsha Maheshwari, Pune, India
Kaivalya De SilvaI had no clue why I was joining Bodh1. But it has been the best decision in my life. After seeing Dadashreeji I had no more questions. The bondage we have is beyond words, thoughts, expressions it is pure LOVE. I do not have any question to ask. Dadashreeji has been the only encounter I ever had who has accepted me the way I am. Has shown me the path to Liberation and beyond. Is at every single moment within me. With Him fear, stress and pressure vanished. With Him my life became effortless and a meaningful. Thank you Dadashreeji sounds not adequate to what he has done for me and my family but knowing that no word will be able to express this it might be just a start. Kaivalya De Silva, Switzerland, Europe
I read about DadaShreeji first in Life Positive and after that I was eager to meet but had a bit reservation as i already had Guru in Rishikesh so I keep on postponing to visit ashram though in meantime told couple of my friends about him who were in search of Guru but one way or other none went and thus I was even deprived to hear about him from them. Thus my desire to meet or hear was not fulfilled in last 2-3 years but I keep on reading on website about him and my desire to meet also increased. Then, on17th Sep 2016 (Saturday) my Guru left his body and immediately I felt that I was once again orphaned. Felt that I was not mature enough to connect with my inner guru. At such a time I decided to visit ShantiKshetra Premgiri Ashram in Karjat and do Bodh 1 and 2 which was planned from 23rdsep- 25thsep 2016. On my way to the ashram I got to know about the Maha Kali abode in the ashram from one of the sevaks and it got me a bit curious since I have a strong faith in Maa Kali. The moment I entered the ashram I had the darshan of Maa Kali in the temple and I felt strong belonging to Maa with strong energy current flowing in temple (which was difficult to handle). During the Shaktipravah session in Bodh 1, in meditative state I had my first Darshan of Maa Kali, where I saw that Maa is standing in the place where the temple was situated and was about 30 feet tall. Maa was moving around at a very slow pace, looking far and beyond. The vision was so powerful that it would not have happened without Dadashreeji’s grace and energy. In Bodh 2, again after Shaktipravah , I had vision of Dadashreeji sitting on his Asan (seat) and some more visions. I was perturbed with the fact that my guru left his body and had this guilt that I left my guru and came to meet Dadashreeji. The program conductors kept on telling me that one can meet and consider Dadashreeji as a Divine friend and need not leave his or her Guru, yet my dilemma continued. Then on the second day of Bodh 2 during meditation I felt that shoots are coming from my body and slowly I become like a huge banyan tree whom Dadashreeji is giving water to nurture and within few moments, I saw my departed Guru come along with Dadashreeji and both were standing in front of me and I was at their holy feet. I was able to communicate with my guru and it was so real that I performed my Guru’s Padpooja with my tears. It was so etheric. I loosened up my agony that my guru left me as somewhere i had the feeling that Guru resides inside ones being and instead of looking outside, one should look inside.Untill that day I was extremely attached to my Guru’s physical form but that day I learnt or had been taught in such a subtle manner about presence of inner guru in such effortless manner that I am indebted to Dadashreeji. Infact, after that my strong longing to meet Dadashreejialso receded to a great extent as I felt his presence inside my own being and that was one of my biggest takeaway from the session though I still feel that Guru Physical presence does wonders but one thing is for sure that inner guru is equally guiding one. May Mahakali, Mahaavtar Babaji and Dadashreeji shower their Grace on all of us and envelope our entire being. N.P, Pune, India
During the Sambodh Dhyaan Meditation, I experienced Dadashreeji’s grace through the Mitr and Maitreyi conducting the session. To me it was Dadashreeji who was Himself conducting the session. We were fortunate to have a session conducted in the Church on the” Art of Prayer”. Though I have personally been conducting prayer sessions for last 20 years, it was for the first time, I understood the essence of prayer in the simplest possible way. I am a cancer survivor. After the chemotherapy and radiation my appetite was lost. I requested the Mitr to pray for me and help overcome the loss of appetite. Within a span of a few weeks my appetite has become much better and I have actually put on weight. Gratitude is a very small word for this blessing which has been given to me by Dadashreeji. I have been touched by Dadashreeji’s blessing during Bodh ‘An Awakening’at our church and ever since I have been sharing the Art of Prayer and Bodh teachings in my sermons and people immensely loving it. Reverend Philip, Unity Church, Bozeman
I offer my gratitude for six hours of Dadashreeji’s blessings through Maitri Light in our Church. We had a wonderful experience of Maitri Light and after you left there was a feeling of pure Peace about the building that still lingers there today. It seems to me and a few others there is a “light” in our church that wasn’t there before. I had helped a lady move some furniture and things earlier that day and was in some burning pain in my shoulders and neck. By the end of the Maitri Light session I could feel the pain receding and in a few minutes it was all gone. I was so relaxed I was nearly limp, what a blessing. Afterwards I received a call at the church that one of our long time members had transitioned home to God and when the Mitr heard of this he came to me and took my hands and prayed for her safe journey home to the ONE! It left me knowing that she was finally healed and whole once again and in a much better place. I missed the Sunday session due to a call for more work, which pays well and I really thought I needed the money more, which turned out to be a big mistake on my part. The day was extremely trying and the woman I worked for, was very angry all afternoon to the point I finally left all the while beating myself up for not going to the Bodh- Awakening to Self-Realization which they had offered to me at no charge after hearing of my finance challenges. Just goes to show that money can get in the way of healing and happiness. However I was given a second chance as the next morning was energy circle meditation that I did attend and found my peace once again. I will always be grateful to these lovely souls for coming into my life just when I needed them. I pray for all of you every day and I know that the day will come when we will meet again. Blessings to all who do this wonderful and healing work. With many Blessings and much Love Reverend Brenda Watson, Unity Church
I’m Robin in Montana and back in August, I first met the Mitr and Maitreyi sent to Bozeman by Dadashreeji. Their presence deeply touched me as did their message. I love the simplicity – love and awakening our divine connection. Best of all, they are the message – both embody pure love, joy and peace. My husband Gregory and I attended several events when they were here for just a few days. The seed of going to India was planted and they both seemed to clearly see us there. To all of our surprise, they returned to Bozeman in early Oct. and we were blessed to have them in our home. A few days ago, Gregory was meditating and asking Dada to let us know if we were to go to India. The day after, I was on the phone with another friend, Randy who called to ask how much the retreat in India was. I had no idea, he thought about $2500 US. We talked about asking Dada for support to get to India if we were to go. During our phone conversation, I did something I normally wouldn’t have done – opened a piece of mail from a very close friend who’s mother recently passed. In the card, her mother said to send me a gift after she passed so I can continue to send cards like I did to her for many, many years. In the card was a check for $2500! We later found out that that would cover both my husband and myself. It’s now time to make the plane reservation. Thank you Dada! We will be honored to meet you in December – much love to you. Robin Blanc Mascari – Bozeman, Montana
Thank you again for saturating this sleepy burg with the Divine Deluge: Deluge, Torrential flood of Light and Love, Carrying our darkness away. This is You Dada. You are the Divine Deluge. All our impurities Are washed away. You, the Rushing Current, Swept them Into the Ocean….. Poem by Joseph Hodgett – Davenport, Iowa
My wife Lori and I attended Bodh 1 in 2015, and we were excited for the opportunity to attend again this year. I was planning to attend Bodh 2 and 3 at the ashram when it was financially and chronologically convenient, perhaps in a few years, but then after repeating Bodh 1 there was a greater desire to move ahead in our spiritual journeys sooner, so we began praying to Dada to make it possible for us to attend this December. The biggest obstacle was finding a way to pay for it. According to the policies of my employer, I should have been paid 6.5 years ago for developing certain valuable technologies, but despite my repeated attempts to get them to follow through, there were always excuses and delays in the way. One high level manager in particular was providing most of the resistance. At the monthly intellectual property committee meetings he was always giving reasons why the payment should be delayed. Two weeks after we began praying for it, it just so happened that this particular manager was out of the country on business at the next intellectual property committee meeting. The issue was raised again before the board and someone suggested that the company policies were clear and payment should be rendered without further delay. A check request was created and went around for the required signatures. Since the manager was out of the country, a delegate was assigned to sign documents for him, and thus the check request proceeded without issue. There were still other signatures required, but at another meeting amongst upper management individual spoke up in support of the issue saying that this had gone unpaid for too long and should be remedied immediately. All of the other signatures were thusly gathered quickly and a few days later I received a surprise call to come pick up a check. It was just the right amount to pay for our plane tickets for the trip. In hindsight, I now know that if the payment had been received prior to now, it likely would have been used for another purpose and that it came at the perfect time to make this trip with a higher purpose possible. This experience serves as a reminder that Dada holds us in His hands and guides our lives for our highest good in ways that are not always obvious or understood by us. We are immensely blessed and thankful for the opportunity to come once again before His lotus feet. Dada Sharnam! CJ Monzyk – Davenport, Iowa

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