MaitriBodh USA

Journey through the United States

The parivaar has begun its journey through the USA to share Dadashreeji’s love and grace in July 2016. A number of Bodh, Sambodh Dhyaan, Havans and Gurupurnimaa celebrations were conducted along the West Coast – Anaheim Hills, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

A new family has been created in the picturesque mountainous city of Bozeman, Montana (US) and in the hustle and bustle of Chicago. In Bozeman, the original plan was for 2 Bodh’s yet; the response to Dadashreeji’s message was so overwhelming that by the end of the 14 day stay we conducted 4 Bodh’s. Most of the attendees finally attended the Sambodh Dhyaan sessions and Maitri Lights as well as the Bodhs and ended up calling their friends, families, neighbours and children!

MaitriBodh USA

We were given an opportunity of conducting Sambodh Dhyaan at the Unity Church at Bozeman and the participants felt an instant bonding and connection with Dadashreeji. The Patriarch of the Church was so full of Love and Light at the end of the session that he spontaneously said that the church was filled with Divine Love a true union of Jesus, Mother Mary and Dadashreeji.

Two Bodh’s were planned for Chicago and as we left we had concluded three. The amazing stories and experiences at the Bodh’s, Maitri Light sessions and Sambodh Dhyaan sessions have truly created a new family of friends in Chicago. People had various experiences, feeling Dada’s love and grace. For some it has been a life transforming experience! One participant, who does not know Hindi, could recite the whole conversation with Dadashreeji in her dream, where she could understand him!

MaitriBodh USA

MaitriBodh Parivaar celebrated Bodh in the Quad Cities of Bettendorf, Moline, Davenport and Rock Island on the banks of the Mississippi at Davenport Iowa, US. At the Unity Church after a Maitri Light Session, Reverend Brenda described it as “a wonderful experience of Maitri Light , There is a feeling of pure Peace about the building that still lingers there today. It seems to me and a few others there is a “light” in our church that wasn’t there before.”

The journey continued in New Jersey and in New York. Meditation sessions were conducted for the doctors of Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in New York followed by three Bodh sessions in the two cities each weekend.

Visiting Ground Zero at New York – September 11

Mitra’s and Maitreyi’s went to Ground Zero and the One World Observatory at New York to pray and meditate on the anniversary of the destruction of the Twin Towers. They gave the message of Universal Love and Brotherhood and we are One Family – One World – One Truth.

On the 18th of September – a new chapter was opened in the US chapter when Mitras and Maitreyis from Los Angeles, San Jose, Bozeman, Chicago and New York took the Maitri Oath in New York in the presence of Dadashreeji. One day training on various aspects of the Parivaar was also held on this wonderful day when all got together and bonded into a well-knit US team.

MaitriBodh Soul Nourishing Centre Opening in Davenport, Iowa and Anaheim Hills, Orange County, California, USA

MaitriBodh USA

The US chapter is growing by leaps and bounds where seekers are finding a way to connect with Divinity and Dadashreeji.

Dadashreeji’s Grace continues to flow and bless innumerable souls in the US. The monthly “Gift of Kindness and Compassion” project aimed at providing food and basic utilities for the homeless at Anaheim Hills, offering of rain ponchos, socks, clothes and other hygiene items to the homeless on the West Coast, in Los Angeles, donation of winter clothes collected from the hospital staff to the Bowery Mission Centre on behalf of MaitriBodh Parivaar on the East Coast, New York City, visiting a Nursing Home and a Rehabilitating Centre; spending quality time with the long term residents, thus bringing aid to the lives of the homeless and love to those, who were away from or had no families.

MaitriBodh USA

‘Akhand Jaap for World Peace’, meditation sessions on Skype, Celebration of Grace Day and Selfless Service Day are being conducted across the US; and the Mitra’s, Maitreyi’s and Sevaks from the US in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Davenport and Bozeman, have their hearts full of Gratitude for the Grace and Love that is constantly showered on them by Divine Friend Dadashreeji.