Words of Babaji

Words of Dadashreeji

  • “Before me, many have delivered teachings and techniques for your salvation and liberation. I am not here to repeat them, but to deliver that experience in your heart, so that it becomes your own personal truth”.
  • “It is not required that you follow my guide Mahavatar Babaji or me as an individual. What is required is that you are able to receive help through my teachings. Is my guidance able to fulfill your need? Do you see transformation internally and externally on listening to my words of truth, peace and care? If it is, flow with passion and witness the truth in yourself effortlessly. If it doesn’t flow naturally, you have a choice and a right to search for another source for your fulfillment. Here, your unbiased inner voice or intuition may help you”.
  • “I am neither a mystic nor a fortune teller, neither a saint nor a sage; I am not a Guru, Master or God. Do not categorize me in any of this. I am just you, your higher sacred self.”
  • “I am here to establish the real truth in you. I am here to erase all past ignorance influencing the human mind and human nature”.
  • “Love, Peace and Selfless Service are my paths to experience that absolute truth in you. Only through this can you experience it and not by following any books, rituals, teachings or meditation techniques”.
  • “All have been created as a part of nature which is one – not many. You are a part of that nature and not a separate entity. Mistreating and harming nature is a loss to you first, then others”.
  • “I follow all the natural laws of this universe and respect them. I expect the same from you”.
  • “Use all the resources to uplift and improve yourself. When all your efforts end, allow me to work on you. You will witness that transformation you needed for long”.
  • “One can know me easily only when one’s heart is pure and awakened. For others, ask for the experience to know me. You may forget your questions; I will not forget to answer them”.
  • “If you experience me, you experience true unconditional love within. If you experience true unconditional love and truth, you experience me. To come closer to this source, the only way is to relate to me or any other form of divinity of your choice and serving others in the best possible way you can”.
  • “Respecting your parents is the first step towards truth and success. There cannot be an alternative to this”.