Mahavataar Babaji

Mahavataar Babaji

Mahavataar Babaji, a timeless creation, has been on this planet earth since the past 5000 years. His physical body looks like that of a young boy of around 25 years. The only cloth that He wears, is an orange-coloured dhoti (piece of cloth) wrapped around the waist coming to just above the knees. However, His mystical physical manifestation occurs in various attires not limited to the dhoti. He dwells high up in the Himalayan range away from any human habitat. There are 3-4 disciples with Him who learn and work for a higher cause. He is aware of all the events occurring in the world. The Divine energy is exuding through each and every pore of His soft Divine body since thousands of years. He has never represented any cult, religion or specific spiritual technique but only ‘The Truth’. He is peacefully resting in the state of dis-identification. He interacts with a few chosen ones to share and teach the higher knowledge at His will.

Divine Master Agastya who received the supreme knowledge directly from Lord Shiv imparted the same to young Babaji. As per the instructions of Lord Shiv, Master Agastya relocated from the Himalaya to the southern region of India. This is where he met this young boy. As a disciple, Babaji surrendered completely at His Master’s feet and followed everything that was taught to Him with faith and discipline.

Babaji received the sacred Vaidic knowledge, understood the nature of Hiranyagarbh (Womb of the Universe) and expanded into the all-pervading Divine Consciousness. He had the spiritual key to open all the spiritual doors. He thus became ‘The Truth’.

With His will, He decided to stay on Earth to guide spiritual seekers and uplift human consciousness to a Higher Divine Consciousness. In fulfilling His role, He appeared physically to many spiritual masters like Lahiri Mahashaya and Sri Yogananda. He initiated saints like Tukaram. He physically guided Saint Dnyaneshwar and Saint Kabir. He taught lessons on love and meditation to our beloved Jesus Christ. He taught vaidic lessons to Adi Shankaracharya who advocated the vaidic knowledge. Divine beings like Sai Baba, Ramana Maharshi, Neem Karoli Baba and Robindranath Tagore have all witnessed the same Truth. There are so many such divine encounters that spiritual leaders have had in the past, which is out of scope here.

Currently, Babaji is working intensively to transform the human mind into a Divine one. He has directly initiated 54 spiritual beings as his disciples and guided them to fulfil their spiritual purpose of life. This team of 54 Masters under His guidance and with His blessing are working for the same spiritual cause. Each had their own unique experience of meeting and receiving guidance from Babaji. Unfortunately, publicly known history has limited Babaji’s contribution to a particular form of meditation, i.e., Kriya and not more than that. It is sometimes disheartening that people didn’t get to know Him completely. How can the Knower of everything be confined only to Kriya Yog? But, soon the time will change. Your wait will be over at the right time. Seekers will see and know complete Babaji.

Babaji, being in the Supreme State condensed all that He knew into one simple teaching.


|| प्रेमैव साध्यतां प्रेमैव साध्यताम् ||

Love alone is to be attained, love alone be attained.