Dadashreeji – Divine Friend

Love Incarnate, Divine Friend Dadashreeji, blends ancient wisdom and modern insight.

To know Dadashreeji is to experience Him and His presence, and to experience Him is to experience true unconditional love.

Living a life of simplicity and humility, He has touched the hearts of all those around him. A Divine Being, in whose loving presence the self dissolves and questions & unrest cease. Peace and harmony descend within and one experiences true transformation. He has guided thousands of spiritual seekers on how to live full meaningful lives, with positivity, compassion and love.

In 2006, Mahavataar Babaji appeared before Him and disclosed- “My consciousness is within you to help your mission of Maitri as ‘The Love Incarnate’.”

Thereafter Dadashreeji decided to embark on rendering selfless social and spiritual service to mankind. Successfully incorporating spirituality into modern concepts and practices, He offers practical applications for holistic growth in one’s daily life.

His guiding words help us walk the path of truth, transformation and self-realization.

“Use all the resources to uplift or improve yourself. When all your efforts end, allow me to work on you. You will witness that transformation you needed for long.” – Divine Friend Dadashreeji