Project Tejaswini

Project Tejaswini – Empowering Women

Peace Projects

“Women themselves are an abundant source of energy. It is the lady of the house who sets the foundation of a family, providing strength to all the members. The happiness of the entire family is rooted in the happiness of the lady of the house. Where women are unhappy, the harmony of entire family is disturbed.” -Dadashreeji

When we help women and awaken them, the whole society benefits. Their families become healthier, children become skilled and educated, income levels improve and communities flourish. But in India, far from being empowered, most women are denied even their basic rights including health, education, employment and decent status in society.

Realizing this social disparity, we have taken up a number of initiatives in order to provide skill-based vocational training to women of Jambrung village near Karjat. This kind of initiative has been benefiting them by augmenting their earning capability and making them self-reliant. At the same time, it helps them to uphold a respectable status in the society. We have further plans to expand this endeavour so as to benefit thousands of other women who are either neglected or feel helpless due to unavoidable circumstances.