Peace Projects

Social Welfare Projects – Joy of Serving Humanity Selflessly

Peace Projects

Peace Projects are the true reflection of the universal message of Divine Friend Dadashreeji.

In Dadashreeji’s words – “The true implementation of any spiritual message is its work towards serving humanity”.

Taking this vision ahead, Peace Projects came into existence with the sole motto of serving humanity selflessly in every possible way. Peace Projects are executed under the guidance of Founder and Guiding Light – Dadashreeji.

MaitriBodh Parivaar Charitable Trust is among prominent socio-spiritual organizations of India, working to improve the lives of people in the society with a mission to ensure health, education and dignity to the underprivileged. We are looking at creating a society where every child can look forward to a new day, a day free of hunger, suffering, abuse and poverty; a society where women feel secure, self-reliant and respected; a society maintaining ecological balance, protecting, nurturing and conserving natural resources.

In order to intensify our line of activities, we are focusing on various initiatives that can bring about an impactful change in the society.