Awakening with Dadashreeji

Awakening with Dadashreeji


Spiritual retreats that helps us understand our true self to ‘transform our being’ and gradually walk on the path to complete ‘liberation’ of the soul.

Awakening with Dadashreeji is a joyful journey of the soul where Love Incarnate Dadashreeji Himself guides us through the various states of the human mind, teaching us its complexities with simplicity and ease.

Being in His presence is a golden opportunity that a soul has waited for, for lifetimes. All queries are answered and the mind is silenced in His Presence. The unique energy transfer process ShaktiPravaah then allows each individual to experience His Grace and Blessings, completing the experience of the Divine. MaitriBodh Parivaar welcomes you to start this journey to connect with your inner source in the presence of the Divine Himself. Wish you a happy journey!

“True knowledge is ‘knowledge of the self’. It is that knowledge, which helps one realize their true nature. It is not just information as seen in the current context or understanding of Science. Rather it is that ‘Knowledge’ which transforms a ‘Being’. Mere information confines one within the boundaries of fixed notions whereas the True Knowledge liberates one.” – Dadashreeji