Maitri Diwas & Maitri Sessions

Maitri Sessions

The Sanskrit word ′Maitri′ means ′friendliness’, ‘love’ and ‘association’. Maitri sessions are where seekers are introduced to Divine Friend Dadashreeji and to MaitriBodh Parivaar for the first time.

Dadashreeji’s teachings are touched upon on an overall basis in each Maitri Session. It’s a guided session, focused on awakening of our own true nature with the Divine blessings and for those who are interested in experiencing the truth that lives within our core.

Maitri Diwas

A day of celebration – a day where we all come together as one family, a support system for all members of MaitriBodh Parivaar. A platform where experiences are shared and devotees bond with each other and reaffirm practices, seek guidance and get updates.

A day of blessings and grace – to share, learn and grow with spiritual teachings.