Ashwas or Havans – Purification of the Environment

A Havan is a ritual where one makes offerings into a consecrated fire. The process and what is offered into the sacrificial fire depends upon the purpose for which the Havan is being performed. A havan or the fire ceremony is one of the most important rites laid down in the Vedic scriptures. A havan means to offer oblations into the fire.

Havans have the power to purify and transform the individual and the environment and remove blockages.

Tremendous energy and positive vibrations flow when we invoke Divine Grace. The process of havan helps cleanse the atmosphere, the physical and astral bodies and remove blockages and problems in lives of those involved in conducting and receiving the blessings from the sacred process.

One can perform a havan for individual or group sankalps for personal / family / professional life. Highly trained Mitras / Maitreyis can perform a havan at your residential or work place or any other location depending on the havan sankalp.

To know more about why do we perform havans, read page 13 in https://maitribodh.org/MaitriAnahita/201610.pdf as Dadashreeji Himself answers the importance of navratras and why we advocate havans.

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