Duaa – Prayers

Duaa – Prayers

Call to the Divine

The effort of man to commune with the Supreme Being is prayer. Prayer elevates the mind and fills it with purity. When you pray, you are in tune with the infinite and you link yourself with the inexhaustible cosmic powerhouse of energy. Heartfelt prayers give divinity the reason to act or intervene.

Healing by prayers is indeed miraculous and mysterious. Good physical health, mental discipline and purification of the heart are some of the many benefits of Prayers.

“Your prayers work magic in others’ lives. Your prayers give them hope to cope up with this challenging world. When you pray for others, it brings a smile on the face of the Divine and you earn merit and His blessings without asking for them. These blessings would manifest in your life in myriad ways or forms.” – Dadashreeji

Read the last page in https://maitribodh.org/MaitriAnahita/201602.pdf to know from Dadashreeji – what should one pray for and ask as the highest from the Divine?

The Universal Prayer (Siddha Prarthana) – Prayer for the Self

Siddha Prarthana

O Supreme! Almighty Creator of this Universe, I surrender at your Lotus Feet.

O Creator, Nurturer and Sustainer of our Life, I surrender to the all-powerful Supreme Energy.

May I always surrender to the Supreme Being whose presence manifests in every particle, each living being, earth, water, air, fire, sky and the mighty mountains.

May I always surrender to the Supreme Being who has created me, society, countries and the world at large.

I surrender to the Supreme Presence in every being and form that bonds with me through the expression of Love.

I surrender to the Supreme Energy, Supreme Presence, Supreme Creator, Supreme Master, whose presence fills me with Love, Peace and Joy

O Supreme Master!, True Friend! I seek forgiveness for all my actions committed; knowingly and unknowingly that may have caused pain. O Divine, Liberate us!

O Compassionate, Eternal Guru and friend who manifests as pure Love, liberate us from the suffering created by our thoughts, words and actions.

Seeking the forgiveness of all living and non-living beings, O eternally-forgiving Supreme Soul, Supreme Master, I humbly pray for your compassionate Grace!

O Supreme Bliss, Supreme Light, Supreme Peace, Supreme Knowledge, Supreme Form of Love, May I always be surrendered on the path towards Divine union, the highest truth.

I humbly pray for the Grace and Love of the compassionate Divine.



Grace Prayer: Prayer for humanity – for all beings

“Let the Grace and Love of the Divine reach all beings of the world
Let the Grace and Love of the Divine awaken the truth in everyone’s heart (Satya)
Let the Grace and Love of the Divine grant intelligence for harmony in the world (Buddhi)
Let the Grace and Love of the Divine establish itself completely in one’s consciousness (Chaitanya)
Let there be Grace and Love for the Divine all over the planet. (3 times) (Prem and Kripa)”

Maitri Prayer

“Prayer – the world’s greatest wireless connection.”

Maitri Prayer is Concieved and Blessed by Divine Friend Dadashreeji Himself.

Connect to your inner Divine by this prayer. Ease your soul of all the blockages through this prayer.

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