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Communicate Your Prayer

Havan (sacred fire ritual) is a powerful Vedic process, conducted as a prayer offering to the Divine. At the MaitriBodh Parivaar, this process, also known as Maitri Havan, is not just a ritual but also a means of communicating and expressing Love towards the Divine.

In the current times, where humanity is passing through a transitory phase with its own set of challenges, Maitri Havan can be performed to facilitate the process of transformation. Through Maitri Havan, one can offer a personal prayer relating to any facet of life – be it spiritual, material, relationship, one’s well being, and so on – to help one grow and move ahead in life.

In the Maitri Havan, the prayers are offered through the sacred medium of Agni (Divine Fire), which helps the prayer to transcend beyond the physical realm into the realm of the Divine. The Divine Fire also acts as a conduit for the Divine Grace to reach the physical realm.

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Ancient Vedic Ritual

MaitriBodh Parivaar

Benefits Of Maitri Havan

Receive Grace for fulfillment of a Prayer
Facilitates easy communion with the Divine
Helps one progress their mindset from negative to positive
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Enhances the energy of the human body making it healthy and disease-free
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Helps deal with mental, emotional & personal obstacles
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Helps to release toxic or unwanted energies from the body
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Helps to reduce the impact of past karmas
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Accelerates the journey of Spiritual Transformation

How can I participate?

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Vyaktigat Maitri Havan

Vyaktigat Maitri Havans are rituals which are done for an individual or family. An individual can request for any prayer to be offered through the process of Maitri Havan.

The Vyaktigat Maitri Havan process will be done exclusively for you with a dedicated havan kund. You would be able to participate in the Havan and offer āhutis (oblations) into the sacred fire.

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Sankalp Maitri Havan

Sankalp Maitri Havans are conducted for pre-defined sankalps (prayers) on auspicious days. An individual may book a havan for any of the sankalps defined as per the auspicious days.

The Sankalp Maitri Havans are done in your absence on your behalf. However, you may participate in the process from your own homes.

Maitri Havan

When can I participate?

You would get an opportunity to participate in the Maitri Havans on various auspicious days throughout the year at the Divine premises of our ShantiKshetra Premgiri Ashram and other spiritual centres. You may also choose to get the Vyaktigat Maitri Havan conducted at your own home or office premises.



Once every month, on an Ekādashi day, Vyaktigat Maitri Havans will be conducted at our ShantiKshetra Premgiri Ashram for any prayer (intent) of your choosing. On these special days, Sankalp Maitri Havans would also be performed for the sankalp (prayer) specific to the significance of the day.

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Traditionally, Navrātri has been celebrated as a festival where the positive (represented by the Divine Mother) goes into battle with all that which is not (represented by asur, the demonic forces). As such, this period, which lasts for 9 days and nights, is considered to be very auspicious for any spiritual practice or process done to uplift one’s energy.

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Other auspicious days

Apart from the monthly Ekādashi and the semi-annual Navrātri days, Vyaktigat Maitri Havans can also be performed at our ShantiKshetra Premgiri Ashram or your own residence or office premises. You can put in the request for the Maitri Havan and it can be done at a mutually convenient auspicious day.

Maitri Havan

Book A Havan

- The booking of Maitri Havan is open only for Indian National Residents.
- Please note that the dakshina amount is eligible for exemption under section 80G of The Income Tax Act, 1962.
- You can book multiple havans, by selecting the required sankalp by clicking on 'Add Havan'. To select more sankalps click on 'Choose Sankalp' and repeat the process. Once you have added all the sankalps, click on 'Register and Pay'.
- If your payment is debited / successful, but you have not received a receipt in your provided email from MaitriBodh Parivaar immediately, we request you to wait for the next 24 hrs and if you still haven't received the receipt, then please get in touch with us. Do not make duplicate payment for the same.

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What is the Purpose of Havan?


Significance Of Havan | Maitreya Dadashreeji

Sceptics may perceive it as a waste of time because the rational mind assumes it to be a way of engaging people in a ritual based culture with some outdated cryptic words. But if you approach anything new with an open mind, you will undoubtedly extract the more profound and hidden truths...