Your Experiences matter

Dear Seeker
On the journey of transformation, it helps when we spare a few minutes of our time and introspect the growth that has happened within us. It can lead to a-ha moments where you suddenly realise the person you are now compared to who you were just a month or a week ago.

We request you to spare some time and write your experiences here, atleast once a month, and as often as you realize new things about yourself. You can treat this as your personal digital diary of transformation!

Kindly note
1. You do not need to type a response to all questions. You can answer only those relevant to you and click on Submit.
2. Your experiences will be kept confidential. We will take formal consent from you if we need to use your experiences as testimonials.

(1) I have been able to apply the teachings from the program in my day to day life (1 - 10)

(2) My level of happiness (1 - 10)

(3) My ability to deal with challenges (1 - 10)

(4) My ability to set clear goals (1- 10)

(5) My ability to make decisions (1- 10)

(6) Personal Life (changes I have observed in myself)

(7) Professional Life (changes I have observed at work)

(8) Social Life (changes I have observed in my interaction with others)

(9) Relationship (changes I have observed in my interaction with loved ones/family)

(10) Harmony with Nature (changes I have observed in my interaction with the environment)

(11) Things I have discovered/learnt about myself that I was not aware of earlier

(12) Any other experiences