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Transforming ourselves and our world – through personal and social change.
A place to uplift human consciousness and discover the essence of life.

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Love Incarnate Divine Friend Dadashreeji, blends ancient wisdom and modern insight.
To know Dadashreeji is to experience Him and His presence, and to experience Him is to experience true unconditional love.

“Use all the resources to uplift or improve yourself. When all your efforts end, allow me to work on you. You will witness that transformation you needed for long.”

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Havans have the power to purify and transform the individual and the environment and remove blockages as part of an ancient process involving fire.

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The effort of man to commune with the Supreme Being – to the Lord, is Prayer. It is a mighty spiritual force and is as real as the force of gravity.

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Divine Healing-Maitri Light

Healing by prayers is indeed miraculous and mysterious. Your prayers work magic in other’s lives. Divine energy given through you gives them strength to cope up with this challenging world.

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Our Vision, Mission And Values

Vision, Mission And Values


“To establish love in everyone’s heart through human transformation with the help of true knowledge and divine intervention to attain One World, One Community and One Truth”

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