Dadashreeji.....An Incarnate of Love
A Direct Disciple of Mahavatar Babaji.
"Use all the resources to uplift or improve yourself.
When all your efforts end, allow me to work on you.
You will witness that transformation you needed for long."
                                                           - Dadashreeji

"Know Dadashreeji, Know Love. Such is His Magic.
He is the Love Magician."‚Äč

Be ready to experience Love in its purest form on 12th February 2017.

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MaitriBodh Parivaar.... A Beginning of a new Era MaitriBodh is a path reconnecting you with your higher sacred self, realizing the lost severed path of self since long. It is an awakening within wherein one experiences bonding with a friend within, source of creation. It radiates to others as unconditional love and friendship for all beings around.


Eons have passed since 'The One' with the flute made the universe dance with His Leela... Will that Leela ever be repeated? Will there ever be another like the Supreme ONE ..... The Source! What if the Leela has already begun!

Welcome aboard on this Blog.. To witness the Leela of the new - 'Age of the Divine'... Our Divine Friend Dadashreeji - Dada Leela

Take a soul journey through experiences, love and joy shared by those whose lives have been touched and transformed by Dadashreeji. A display of the Grace and Guidance which now envelopes us to beautify our lives.
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Call of the divine

Shivi Verma interviews Dadashreeji the young guru of Maitribodh parivaar and returns with some fascinating information and insights

Prayer A CALL TO THE DIVINE Prayers give me the reason to intervene- the power to act. Otherwise I can only watch. I cannot break the rules I have created myself. If a lawmaker breaks the law then who will uphold it?


Message From the Master
Dear Friends;
Any individual who begins his spiritual journey, is given 'practices' to start with, that are commonly known as sadhanas. Every dedicated sadhak follows his sadhana till he attains his goal. Sooner than later the sadhak starts identifying himself with...

Corporate Excellence Evolution Summit

The goal of CEE Summit is to allow executives to the experience the change which is possible in their personal lives as well as in their organisations. To experience the improved motivation...

Words of Dadashreeji
Before me, many had delivered teachings and techniques for your salvation and liberation. I am not here to repeat them but to deliver that experience in your heart so it becomes your own personal truth. ---- Dadashreeji

Siddhaprarthana (Universal Prayer)

O Supreme!
Almighty Creator of this Universe, I surrender at your Lotus Feet
O Creator, Nurturer and Sustainer of our Life, I surrender to the all...

Shantikshetra Premgiri Ashram.... a place to experience peace and to give peace.

Mahavatar Babaji

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